Over the past few years, BC has led the way with respect to bitcoin innovation, now it’s time we push it to the next level.

The Challenge: Establishing BC as a Global Emerging Tech Hub

It is a priority for the BC Government to establish BC as a global hub for emerging technologies.

The Opportunity: Realizing the Potential of the Blockchain in BC

It is estimated that up to 10% of global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology.

Our Goal – Building the BC Blockchain Ecosystem

Let’s get together and talk about the token economy, bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Why get involved?

The BC Blockchain Forum provides those who are just learning about blockchain technology or are already deeply immersed in, with a look at how innovative ideas are developed and executed. We also provide detailed information about what blockchain technology is, its evolution and its potential to change the future.

Join us for our Inaugural meeting on October 16th

Bitcoin & Blockchain technologies are fuelling one of the fastest growing industries in the world. To kick off our series of events we will explore why blockchain technology – a truly open, distributed, global platform – will fundamentally change what we can achieve online, how we do it, and who can participate.

We are delighted to host our special guests Thomas Linder (MME) and Lukas Sieber (Greater Zurich economic agency) from Switzerland at our event. They will address how Switzerland has become a friendly business and regulatory landscape that is arguably the leading country hosting blockchain ventures and TGEs (including Ethereum, a venture that originated in Canada).

Tomas Linder

Thomas Linder has broad experience in advising Swiss and foreign companies in international tax matters. He is particularly specialized in leading inter-disciplinary projects in the context of acquisitions, corporate restructurings and migrations and has in-depth knowledge in cross-border transactions and tax accounting.

Lukas Sieber

Lukas Sieber helps US businesses set up & grow in Switzerland’s economic and innovation center, the Greater Zurich Area (GZA).Based in New York City, he leads a team of dedicated professionals based in various locations across the US. They assure a confidential and free advisory service, assisting companies in evaluating the GZA region for their expansion and relocation projects.