BLOCKFORUM: Growing the Canadian and international crypto and blockchain ecosystem

Ten years after the inception of bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technologies are fuelling some of the most exciting innovations around the world shepherding in the next generation of developers, startups, collaborations, consortia, enterprise initiatives, and professional service providers; drawing attention from regulators and triggering government engagement.

BLOCKFORUM draws on years of engagement in the Canadian and international crypto and blockchain communities in support of sustainable ecosystem build-outs, networking and knowledge share: Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, Blockchain Association of Canada and the BC Blockchain Forum.

More recently, a number of jurisdictions have taken the lead and are setting the example for progressive, innovation-friendly regulation and supporting ecosystem buildouts that are already innovatively leveraging their leading regulation and financial hub status to build out their financial and blockchain technology ecosystem with supporting legislation.

The landscape has evolved to where there are thousands of coins/tokens offered by individuals, groups, countries, and retailers – to provide an exchange of value or to provide rewards to an underlying base of users/customers/citizens not to mention denominating coins/tokens to represent other stores of value such as contracts, physical goods (tokenized assets), digital identity, digital services, shares (tokenized securities), gold bullion, etc. And then there is also crowdfunding, gifting, brand promotions, etc. promising growth opportunities and access to second markets globally.

Today a vast community of bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain… developers, early adaptors, sectoral interest groups, and large-scale enterprise have entered the industry. VC’s, DAO’s and ICOsare funding the movement.

Why is crypto and blockchain attracting all this interest? If you talk to the community it’s clear, there is a belief that blockchain and digital currency startups will be the next wave of googles, ubers, airbnbs, and facebooks. But for as many unicorn-making aspirations that there have been to date, there are countless zombie-startups who simply never got out of the starting block or failed over the last year. Yet, even more, are entering this space adding further opportunities, risk, and complexity.

Regulators are scratching their collective heads harder than ever figuring next steps and how to support innovation, investment, and adoption of digital currencies and blockchain (distributed ledger) technologies in Canada and elsewhere.

BLOCKFORUM is an initiative to help navigate to the next level of debate, adoption, understanding, governance, and opportunity – by providing a coherent voice and demonstrating the way that we can make this all work for everyone.

There is still much work to do around merchant adoption, friendlier user experience, regulatory clarification, the opening of bank accounts for crypto startups and trading accounts around the world. And closing the gap between innovation and regulatory roadblocks (who have legitimate concerns around compliance, consumer protection, KYC, AML, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity – the list goes on). Or banks threatened when they have to comply but seeing startups straying into their turf while challenging regulatory hurdles or attempting to leapfrog it.

In reality, the startups are simply overwhelmed by the dearth of requirements to play on the financial institutions’ turf and their terms.

This is the time to redouble our efforts and ensure that the fight is just not just on the frontlines, but also where it really matters. With people who can apply this for their personal benefit and in their daily lives.


BC is gaining a global positive reputation for crypto assets and blockchain technologies. We can become the leading light for becoming the “Blockchain (D)Center” of the World.

The Challenge: Establishing BC as a Global Emerging Tech Hub

It is a priority for the BC Government to establish BC as a global hub for emerging technologies.

The Opportunity: Realizing the Potential of Blockchain in BC

It is estimated that up to 10% of global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology.

Our Goal – Advancing Good Business Practices in the Blockchain Economy

Let’s get together and co-create a thriving token economy, and blockchain eco-system in BC.

Our Vision

Role Model. Educate. Partner.

Our mission is to build acceptance and trust in the design and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies though demonstrating ethical leadership, good business practice, principle-centered governance frameworks, standards and self-regulation in the digital asset and blockchain economy.

Leadership Team

MaRi Eagar - Founder & President


Manie Eagar - Founder and Strategic Membership Services


Learn more about our Inaugural meeting that took place on October 16th

Bitcoin & Blockchain and Cryptographic technologies are fuelling one of the fastest growing industries in the world. To kick off our series of events we explored why blockchain technology – a truly open, distributed, global platform – will fundamentally change what we can achieve online, how we do it, and who can participate.

We were delighted to host our special guests Thomas Linder (MME) and Lukas Sieber (Greater Zurich economic agency) from Switzerland at our event. They addressed how Switzerland has become a friendly business and regulatory landscape that is arguably the leading country hosting blockchain ventures and TGEs (including Ethereum, a venture that originated in Canada).

Tomas Linder

Thomas Linder has broad experience in advising Swiss and foreign companies in international tax matters. He is particularly specialized in leading inter-disciplinary projects in the context of acquisitions, corporate restructurings and migrations and has in-depth knowledge in cross-border transactions and tax accounting.

Lukas Sieber

Lukas Sieber helps US businesses set up & grow in Switzerland’s economic and innovation center, the Greater Zurich Area (GZA).Based in New York City, he leads a team of dedicated professionals based in various locations across the US. They assure a confidential and free advisory service, assisting companies in evaluating the GZA region for their expansion and relocation projects.








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