About this circle

Dr. Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values states that: “Most companies that fail do not do so because of economic crisis or the impact of fierce competition, but because of internal problems, mainly of a human nature, that have not been adequately addressed. A crisis situation or strong competition are only catalysts for deterioration.

Ultimately there are two reasons organizations fail — in particular during challenging environmental forces such as tougher competition

  1. A bad governance system, with not enough countervailing powers. For example, an organizational system that does not allow people to say what they think should happen in the company; and
  2. Lack of moral or ethical behaviour in some key people.

This BC Blockchain Forum working group focuses on token and blockchain economy leadership development, ethics and governance to support the growth of a healthy and positive digital assets and blockchain eco-system in British Columbia. Our area of contribution is in enriching technology solutions, for example, algorithms for distributed leadership, democratizing decision making, tools for conflict management.