About this circle

This circle examines risks and opportunities for the genesis token and blockchain generation to contribute to sustaining the diverse nature of thought, projects, accomplishments and challenges.

We conduct research and education and provide recommendations on the practical design and implementation of decentralized identity and data protection, news and media including social media.

We advocate for quality and diverse journalism and reporting that provides credible information about the community, events, projects and the stories that make up the history of the cryptographic and blockchain technologies. We also aim to uncover and preserve “hidden” contributions to prevent these from being forgotten in history.

Alexandra Moxin – Lead Organizer of the circle

Alexandra Moxin is CEO and Founder of the Cartera Group of Companies parent company to cnecct (TM) the open social networking platform / marketplace, Founder of Advance Tech Media and Host of the Advance Tech Podcast interviewing innovative and forward thinking experts.

Alexandra has led and mentored development, design and quality assurance teams and directly managed multimillion dollar projects and initiatives in ecommerce, digital media, fintech, business intelligence and analytics, education, healthcare and environmental markets.

Please contact her to hear more and/or enroll for participation and collaboration.