BC Crypto and Blockchain Founders/CEO Roundtable:

A private breakfast workshop for the BC Tokenized Assets and Blockchain Founders/CEOs hosted at the BC Tech Hub and sponsored by DigitalFutures, BC Blockchain Forum and Impact Innovators.


The purpose of the breakfast meeting is to provide a private opportunity for blockchain industry executives and founders to review the current status of BC’s performance against global Eco-System Benchmarks, identified in the first Government sponsored report on blockchain in Canada. Our focus is in particular on mining, wallets, exchanges, tokenized asset entrepreneurs and investment companies.

What is in it for you?

  • Opportunity to contribute  informed data on the state of the BC Blockchain nation, as seen from a BC industry leader: executive/founder
  • Contribute and share ideas for how the BC Blockchain industry can engage and gain resources from BC Government Innovation initiatives to support the development of the BC blockchain eco-system and economy.
  • Access to the compilation of data and report generated.


During an interactive process facilitated by independent facilitation professionals, your feedback will be collated, framed and summarized to develop a business case for engagement in and support of blockchain technologies by government and non-profit associations, including BC Tech.

Who will attend?

A small and carefully selected group of Startup Founders/CEO Entrepreneurs who are in the business of cryptoassets as well as blockchain economy. This includes miners, exchanges, fund managers and decentralized blockchain entrepreneurs creating new financial innovations and digital asset value exchanges (e g core business with “skin in the game”).

You are also welcome to ask another member of your founding team/executive team to attend if you cannot be there.


BC Blockchain Forum

  • MaRi Eagar
  • Alex Moxin 

Impact Innovators

  • Stacey Wallin 
  • May Lee 


  • Dr Martin Pow
  • Marianne Wyne