Identity, News and Media

This roundtable examines risks and opportunities for the genesis crypto and blockchain generation to contribute to sustaining the diverse nature of thought, projects, accomplishments and challenges.

Leadership, Ethics and Governance (the people stuff)

Blockchain initiatives often fail not because of economic crisis or the impact of fierce competition, but because of internal problems, mainly of a human nature, that have not been adequately addressed. This circle focuses on establishing positive ethics and virtues to cultivate credible and ethical blockchain leadership and governance.

Government and Blockchain Industry

This working group helps to coordinate public sector and industry engagement, including education about the potential of token and blockchain technologies for the government sector. We also provide support towards the growth of the BC Chapter of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA).

Spotlight on Inclusivity in Blockchain

About this circle Women have and continue to make valued contributions to the BC Blockchain Eco-System. However, their contribution is often hidden or forgotten. The purpose of this circle is for Business Women in Blockchain to put a spotlight on their experience and...

Token and Blockchain Economics Education

The Token Economy and Blockchain Eco-System circle creates opportunities for industry collaboration to create good business practices, such as codes of conduct, standards and risks management to support the growth of adoption of digital assets and blockchain technologies.