During the first meetup of the BC Government Blockchain Association held at BC Tech, the President of the BC Government Blockchain Association, Angel Gonzalez, introduced the opportunities available for public sector employees, contractors and consultants to join the global Government Blockchain Association.

Attendees brainstormed the benefits of the application of blockchain technologies for the government, as well as government employees. Their ideas are captured below:

  • Removal of non-value added work
  • Increased time to provide value
  • Counter & protect against corruption
  • Future proofing existing projects
  • Career management
  • Cohesion of records
  • Appropriate permissioned use
  • Immutability & transparency
  • Accountability & increased trust of government
  • Always start with “why” – Government employees need to start with the “why”, the reason for Blockchain solutions
  • Identity & legal solutions
  • Internal advocacy & support for front-line personnel
  • Decentralization benefits
  • Democratic process
  • Future proofing society
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency & cost (cost-efficient)
  • External environment & citizen pressure
  • Decentralized ownership of assets & rewards
Based on attendee feedback, The main objective for GBA meetings for 2018 would be to increase increase awareness of the benefits of blockchain technologies mainly through  providing education and training on blockchain technologies.
Scaling can be achieved through establishing and growing Government Blockchain Association chapters in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and other areas in BC.