How do you bring the human talk into tech talk and investment talk?

This two hour interactive workshop and dialogue is designed for human resources practitioners, for example change management and new tech adoption, recruitment, leadership facilitators and coaches, talent managers, organizational development specialists, training specialists, organizational design, compensation and rewards programs.

Co-Hosted by Blockchain@UBC and DigitalFutures


W Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Research.


  • Welcome
  • Community update
  • Perspectives from researchers at UBC
  • Fireside chat with MaRi Eagar, founder of the BC Blockchain Forum, host of The Blockchain Executive Radioshow and author of the Medium publication: Leadership Web 3.0 – moderated by Jen Aberman, Web 3.0 Leadership Practitioner and Facilitator
  • Group conversation
    1. Why is it important to bring the human talk into tech talk and investment talk?
    2. How can we, as human resources practitioners and experts, engage, participate and take on leadership roles in the token and blockchain economy?
    3. What is our value proposition in the token and blockchain industry?


MaRi Eagar has been active in the blockchain industry since 2013, advising the world’s first bitcoin ATM established in Vancouver. A chartered accountant by training, she holds a masters degree (with distinction) in Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership. Certified team performance coach, applied positive psychology practitioner and coach, somatic coach and eco-therapy practitioner.
More than 15 year of strategic digital transformations in organizations such as Deloitte, BCLDB, MEC, Barclays Africa, HSBC including cultural change.

Jennifer Aberman is well known as a therapeutic counsellor and visual artist in the decentralized blockchain communities. Focusing on how peer to peer microcosm systems affect macrocosm systems, she aims to explore and continue working with various communities to enhance human connection, one block at a time!

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Web 3.0: Leadership Best practices in the Token and Blockchain Economy

Thursday, Sep 20, 2018, 6:00 PM

Sauder Learning Labs David Lam (DL) 009
6326 Agricultural Road Vancouver, bc

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Executive coach calls to sell services for high performance teams. Crypto founder: What team? We are decentralized. ? How do you bring the human talk into tech talk and investment talk? This two hour fireside chat and group discussion is aimed at human resources practitioners and those who help with new tech adoption, for example change management …

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