Volunteering at the BC Blockchain Forum

The BC Blockchain Forum is organized by dedicated volunteers who are united in a passion for realizing the potential of blockchain in British Columbia. We work hard to bring together various sectors and stakeholders in BC’s blockchain community. We lead through deeds – not just words, and mutually support each other to be agents for networks of positive change.

Unique attributes of our volunteers:

  • Credible role models in demonstrating the ethics and values of the blockchain generation
  • Peer recognition for positive energy networks and relationships
  • Dedicated to excellence in continuous learning, skills and industry impact (deeds, not just words and social media feeds)

Benefits for volunteers:

  • Collaborate and network directly with BC’s and Canada’s blockchain community and industry leaders
  • Gain opportunities to gain growth, coaching and mentoring in your distributed leadership and organizational development skills
  • Understand first hand the opportunities and strengths in the BC Eco-system and how you can contribute to developing good blockchain business practice in the industry

Connect with us if you would like to help us achieve our vision.