Let’s get together and make BC into the Blockchain (D) Centre of the world!

Adoption will be achieved through building trust in the economic, social and environmental potential of the token and blockchain economy. This requires

  • Industry players who are valued for contributing to the greater good of society and with respect to the environment.
  • Responsible business  who  demonstrate social and economic impact through developing local, regional and national capabilities and cooperation in the token and blockchain economy.

Over the past few years, BC has led the way with respect to bitcoin innovation, now it’s time we push it to the next level.

Did you know the world’s first bitcoin ATM was opened in Waves Coffee shop in Vancouver, BC in Oct 29th, 2013? Did you know Waves Coffee Shops still offer this service?

Photo from article in CBC News.

Recently a study by Bank of Canada revealed that  “The citizens of British Columbia report the highest level of awareness of Bitcoin, with a reported growth from 77 percent in 2016 to 93 in 2017. Prairies is ranked second in Canadian provinces in terms of BTC awareness, with Ontario in third place, according to the study”.

Our Goals in BC

  • Guide accounting, taxation and regulation of blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokenization by setting industry leading best practices.
  • Provide thought leadership and research on behalf of members regarding the technologies involved, and opportunities they can provide.
  • Shape relationships between key governments, and our member constituency to facilitate potential collaboration.
  • Pool the resources of our members toward priority issues and opportunities they have collectively identified.
  • Develop strategic economic cooperative ecosystems through leadership, ethics, standards and self-regulation.
  • Support the development of blockchain professional bodies, educational standards, accreditation and professional code of conduct.
  • Propose regional, national and international strategies for the orderly bridging of the legacy and digital worlds of enterprise and finance.


“Blockchain holds enormous potential to break down barriers that could lead to more efficiency, greater accountability, lower costs and increased remuneration for value creators. To reap these benefits, however, the technology will need to be developed responsibly within the right regulatory frameworks.”  (World Economic Forum: How can the creative industry benefit from blockchain?)