Our goal is to provide a forum for participation in creating a strong community and environment in BC that fosters digital innovation, job creation and investment in the digital economy.

There are various ways in which you can participate in the BC Blockchain Forum. For example, at the Forum we:

  • Provide opportunities to showcase innovations
  • Reflect on priorities relevant to the blockchain ecosystem
  • Encourage new platforms and initiatives to grow BC’s industries through blockchain technologies.

Whether you are a technie or not, a newbie, lawyer, banker, student, consultant, creative, human capital specialist, hobbyist and pretty much anyone who shares an interest in blockchain technology and want to be part of creating a vibrant digital economy, we invite you to join the Meetup, contact us if you want to provide expertise, including education, showcasing your innovation and other support to build the BC eco-system.

BC Blockchain Forum

Vancouver, BC
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Bitcoin & Blockchain and Crypto Assets are fuelling one of the fastest growing industries in the worldThe BC Blockchain Forum is a private/public sector initiative to explor…

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