Our goal is to provide a forum for participation in creating a strong community and environment in BC that fosters digital innovation, job creation and investment in the digital economy.

Blockchain technologists are persuing diverse approaches in creating autonomous, distributed forms of organizing digital asset value exchange using consensus algorithms and distributed forms of governance. The BC Blockchain Forum explores these concepts  with industry and community leaders and volunteers from the public and private sectors where we develop new forms of leadership and governance.

  • Permissionless: We do not exclude participation. Community self-regulation is encouraged.
  • Autonomous: There are no formal rules or codes of conduct. During meetings and workshops some working guidelines are established based on meeting outcomes. Themes for meetings emerge from diverse members of the community, based on strategic transformation and transitional risks and opportunities.
  • Open source: Community created resources and tools are available for anyone to use, on a purely voluntary basis. Adoption of good practices are through Web 3.0 forms of leadership inspiration, not formal authority by appointment or election.
  • Practicing the Art of Conversation: The cooperative sharing of thoughts and exploring of ideas. Conversation that is enjoyable, stimulating and makes for good companionship.
  • Solutions Focsed orientation: We look torward positive deviance and solutions focused thinking, to accelerate adoption of inherent strengths and achievement from the Blockchain Generation.
  • Values based contribution: Blockchain industry leaders, community leaders, startups, public sector officials, academics and other stakeholders enable the continiued creation of intentional meetings and roundtables, ensuring free access to leading edge thinking and education, therefore  helping to contribute to the development of an inclusive distributed digital economy in BC and Canada wide.

There are various ways in which you can participate in the BC Blockchain Forum. For example, at the Forum we:

  • Provide opportunities to showcase innovations, including new forms of education, standards and good business practice that can support the credible growth of the token economy and blockchain eco-system in BC and Canada wide.
  • Sponsor, attend and partiicpate in events and roundtables to reflect on priorities relevant to the blockchain ecosystem
  • Encourage new platforms and initiatives to grow BC’s industries through blockchain technologies, including blockathons and games.

Whether you are a technie or not, a newbie, lawyer, banker, student, consultant, creative, human capital specialist, hobbyist and pretty much anyone who shares an interest in blockchain technology and want to be part of creating a vibrant digital economy, we invite you to join the Meetup, contact us if you want to provide expertise, offer your venues, provide education, showcasing your innovation and any other creative support to build the BC eco-system.

BC Blockchain Forum

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Bitcoin & Blockchain and Crypto Assets are fuelling one of the fastest growing industries in the worldThe BC Blockchain Forum is a private/public sector initiative to explor…

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