The purpose of the BC Blockchain Forum Working Groups

DigitalFutures  conducted the first blockchain and Fintech study in Canada, that set out to discover competitive drivers to build and further develop the ecosystem that supports Vancouver, BC, and Canada: Blockchain and Emerging Financial Technologies: Positioning British Columbia as a Global FinTech Hub.  The BC Blockchain Forum arose from this as a public/private engagement to help build the fintech and blockchain eco-system in BC.


How and What the Working Groups aim to achieve

The BC Blockchain Forum Working Groups get together to address key challenges and opportunities for the industry, while increasing eco-cooperation in building the BC blockchain market. Their events are coordinated  by members. Working group participants apply their industry knowledge with their unique knowledge of the BC eco-system to cooperate in finding and cultivating good business practices, create awareness and cultivate conditions to enable positive and value-adding relationships and trust within the larger BC, Canadian and International institutions and markets.