Why sponsor the BC Blockchain Forum?


The BC Blockchain Forum as a private sector initiative provides access to through leadership, facilitates dialogue, and leverages BC’s networks of influence to grow the BC crypto and blockchain ecosystem. All activities are delivered by volunteers from diverse communities who are passionate about the current and future success of realizing the opportunities for the industry in British Columbia.

 Sponsoring our events, for example, providing refreshments, venues or supporting access to experts, is a valuable contribution to the community and ensures access to quality and diverse knowledge and dialogue for everyone, in particular as we offered our events for free.

It also helps us demonstrate that decentralized leadership effort can contribute to sustainable blockchain ecosystem development. 

Please reach out to mari@digitalfutures.co if you want to sponsor future events, or look up meetings on our Meetup site to see where you can contribute to the growth of the BC Crypto and Blockchain Eco-System.

Below is a list of sponsors who supported our events.