MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar


MaRi Eagar is blockchain consultant working in this industry since 2013. She is a Chartered Accountant and Business Strategist with an international career at Deloitte, HSBC and Standard Bank. Experienced in designing and establishing centers of excellence, including strategy design and performance development, leadership and talent development, governance and employee value proposition.

She is a Founder and Chair of DigitalFutures where she specializes in token economics, people risk evaluation and distributed leadership and governance mechanisms. She is an executive coach coach to entrepreneurs, large enterprise and blockchain community leaders.

MaRi was ranked on the Thomson Reuters Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017.


Manie Eagar

Manie Eagar


Manie is the founder and CEO of DigitalFutures, an independent strategic business development and investment consultancy with a focus on the latest innovations in fintech, digital currency and blockchain (distributed ledger) technologies and alternative financing.

He is a strategic business development and global investment, mergers and acquisitions executive with over 30 years of driving new wealth creation, business growth and strategic innovation. He brings international experience and deep skills in the startup, investment management and venture capital space. He has been involved in multiple successful start-ups, government policy developments and national educational initiatives in South Africa and internationally.

Volunteer organizers

BC Blockchain Forum is organized by dedicated volunteers from diverse blockchain communities. They are united in a passion for realizing the potential of blockchain in British Columbia. We work hard to bring together various sectors and stakeholders in BC’s blockchain community.

Alexandra Moxin: Global Connector consulting in AI and blockchain technologies: Lead organizer for the Identity, News and Media Working Group

Angel Gonzalez: Strategic Transformation Consultant working in the  BC Health Authorities: New Technology Implementation and Delivery, Member of the Government Blockchain Association, Founder of the Vancouver Chapter of the Government Blockchain Association, Organizer for the BC Government Blockchain Association Roundtable.

Aviv Milner: Blockchain Researchers, Educator and Asset Manager: Lead Organizer for the Token and Blockchain Economics Education working group.

Chelsea Palmer:  Blockchain Proselytizer and Community Organizer: Lead organizer for the Leadership, Ethics and Governance Roundtable

Cecile Zizarre: Cultural Ambassador in the space of business formation, blockchain, AI and social progress: Event organizer for the BC Blockchain Forum

Claire Gallant: Payment Advisor at BC FinTech Company, Lead Organizer for the Roundtable: Women in Blockchain

Usman Mukaty: Co-Founder at HyperVote, Event organizer.

Victor Hogrefe: Blockchain Computer Scientist, Blockchain Asset Management and Education, Lead Organizer for the Token and Blockchain Economics Working Group.


Drew Ogryzek

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