The Challenge: Establishing BC as a Global Emerging Technology Hub

A priority of The BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade, and Technology is to establish BC as a preferred location for new and emerging technologies by supporting venture capital investment in BC Start-ups, take measures to increase  the growth of BC Tech Companies and removing barriers to attracting and repatriating skilled workers.” (Mandate and Service Plan2017/2018 – 2018/2019 New Service Plan Objectives)

BC is one of Canada’s leading innovation centers and gateway to the Asian markets, the Cascadia Innovation Corridor and digital economy disruptors. We have a significant geographic advantage with access to cross-border talent, research, capital, and distribution.

The Opportunity: Realizing the Potential of Blockchain in BC

Blockchain has the potential to become a powerful disruptive force. A survey of 800 executives, featured in Klaus Schwab’s book,  the Fourth Industrial Revolution, suggests 58% believe that up to 10% of global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology. “(The World Economic Forum – July 18, 2017)

The BC study on positioning BC as a global Blockchain and FinTech Hub indicates there is still much room for growth and a concerted effort by government, and close collaboration with stakeholders and startups, to build on the current eco-system to expand BC’s Blockchain sector as a global hub of excellence, employing thousands of British Columbians. (Report: BC’s Digital Technology Supercluster)

Our Goal – Advancing Good Business Practice

The BC Blockchain Forum is a private/public sector initiative to explore the benefits of blockchain, and the associated creation of digital assets promoting digital transformation and the digital economy in British Columbia, and Canada-wide.

Our mission is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies by advancing good business practices.

Through education, advocacy and working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and industry, our goal is to develop an environment in BC that fosters digital innovation, job creation and investment in the digital economy.